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The Our Current Lesson Offerings Are Available Hybrid, On-Line, Limited In-Person or By Phone!

  • $29 - 30min Individualized Group Class For Piano, Voice and/or Guitar
  • $49 - 30min Private Lesson
  •  See Our New Programs and Options Below!
  • Study Private - In Person From Home add $20 per Lesson
  • Study by Phone: All Ages - No Additional Charge
  • Piano by Phone For Seniors Beginning 2022

Speak with a Rep for full details. For the full list of proven benefits of music making for children, go to


The perks that come from playing an instrument will be music to your ears!

  • Improves recollection and retention of verbal information
  • Increases scores in math, science, reading, and language arts
  • Increases average SAT and ACT scores
  • Increases discipline and the ability to concentrate
  • Improves work ethic

Need we say more? For the full list of proven benefits of music making for children, go to


Benefits of making music for adults

Adults who start playing music report a decrease in stress, improvement in memory, and better mood. Since many health issues are related to stress, adults who play music enjoy better overall health. Eighty-five percent of adults wish they would have learned to play a musical instrument. If that’s you, please know that it’s never too late to start!

Your song starts here.

Need we say more? For the full list of proven benefits of music making for children, go to


Learn the skills you need for your song to soar.

Whether you are a seasoned musician, a fifth grader starting band, or anything in between, music lessons are an integral part of your music journey. One-on-one coaching with an instructor will give you a step above the other members of your school, or garage band.

Not in a band? Music lessons benefit someone at any age when learning their instrument. Playing can calm your nerves after a long work day, or help you wind down around a campfire with some great friends and family. With Willis Music, your song starts here.


Choose from a wide variety of instruments and start your song.

Accordion • Acoustic Guitar • Alto Saxophone • Audio Engineering • Banjo • Baritone • Bass Clarinet • Bass Guitar • Bassoon • Clarinet • Classical Guitar • Congas • Cornet • Dobro • Drums • Dulcimer • Electric Guitar • Euphonium • Fiddle • Flute • French Horn • Hand Drums • Harmonica • Keyboard • Mandolin • Oboe • Piano • Piccolo • String Bass • Tenor Saxophone • Trombone • Trumpet • Tuba • Ukulele • Viola • Violin • Voice • And more!

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